The Half Sisters GMA Episodes

The Half Sisters GMA Episodes:

The Half Sisters is a Philippine family drama series directed by Jean Garcia, Mark A. Reyes, Thea Tolentino, topbilling Barbie Forteza, Andre Paras, Jomari Yllana and Ryan Eigenmann in 2014. On 9th June 2014 the series was aired on GMA replacing Villa Quintana on the network’s Afternoon Prime block and internationally via GMA Pinoy TV on June 10, 2014. The series was given several extensions due to its excellent success. The show ended on January 15, 2016 it runs for 84 weeks having 418 episodes and it will be soon replaced by Wish I May.

The Half Sisters GMA Episodes

The Half Sisters
In the Half Sister series, the childbearing woman of the “twins,” is Rina one sired through amorous marital copulation with her husband Alfred and the other sired when she was badly raped by her boyfriend Benjie. Beacuse of his bad act Benjie was arrested and was sent to prison as Alfred and Rina was living a comfortable life regarding to financial aspects so they were living together happily. In this time period Rina got Pregnant and gaves birth to Diana and Ashley that are two twins. Alfred was doubtful about this birth that who is the father of these babies, so he demands Rina to perform DNA test. After the test the result was successful and Alfred was happy to see the test results.

The Half Sisters, is a family drama and first daytime show that stars Barbie Forteza and Thea Tolentino, that earned as high ratings from all that shows that were airing in that week according to AGB Nielsen Mega Manila Household Ratings. The series got a huge success and remain on aired for more than one year.

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