The Pinoy TV Shows: a Brief Guide

The attractive and busy life of the USA is the moving picture of the Darwin's postulate of "Survival of the fittest." US is the heaven (or hell) to immigrants from around the world. In such surrounding standing out as an individual and developing a group identity is an extraordinary achievement. The practical example is the people from Philippines. They have been established as a separate group and chose a code-mixed word 'Pinoy' to identify themselves. The word is a mixture of 'Pino' from Filipino and suffix 'y', which is a commonly used code for them. The world now knows many forms of Pinoy Arts such as Pinoy Music, Pinoy TV shows, Dress and more.

But what if a Filipino doesn't find his group members in certain part of the world? He will feel like a duck in a pond full of crocodiles. He won't be able to settle properly as he would be unable to communicate his feelings and spending his idle time. However, there is a solution for every problem. The person can watch Pinoy TV shows or listen to the Music and remain in contact with his countrymen.

Among many, two of the networks that broadcast the Pinoy shows and have high television rating are the ABS-CBN and the GMA network. The former is a big name in the entertainment industry. While the latter is not in way less than the other.


It was started as only a TV and Radio channel broadcasting agency but with time they have developed as the largest cable TV service provider having their own TV production company. They have made investments in more niches other than the stated above. ABS-CBN are working for the greater cause of making a sanguine impact on the whole Media industry.

List of Programs by the ABS-CBN

There is an exhaustive list of TV programs broadcasted by the ABS-CBN, Bulleted down are some of the shows which are being aired in the year 2017:

  • A Love To Last is a drama series directed by Jerry-Lopez Sineneng. Its a romantic family drama themed on the real life happenings. The starcast include Ian Veneracion and Bea Alonzo.
  • Magandang Buhay is a morning TV talk show. This ABS-CBN production is hosted by Karla Estrada, Jolina Magdangal, and Melai Cantiveros.
  • Lungit Lupa is a family drama series which started in year 2016 in place of 'Be My Lady'. Carlo Po Artillaga and Myla Ajero-Gaite are the directors and chose Yesha Camile and Xia Vigor. as the star cast.
WildFlower and FPJ's Ang Probinsyano are also the popular Pinoy TV Shows of ABS-CBN entertainment network.

The GMA Network

Formerly a Radio channel broadcasting agency with the brand name of 'Republic Broadcasting System', the GMA Network stepped up in the television landscape in the year 1961. Robert La Rue Stewart was the founder of the parent company. Until 1996 the company's name remained RBS. More than 100 TV and Radio channels are being broadcasted by the said company. The GMA Network,Inc is a giant name in the Media industry specially for Pinoy Tambayan. The country's top rated shows are aired by them on Filipino Channel of GMA TV. Following are some of the programs that GMA network's clients enjoy throughout the globe:

  • Ika-6 na Utos , a Philippines TV drama show which literally means 'the 6th commandment' started in the last days of the previous year. The star cast include Sunshine Dizon, Gabby Concepcion, Ryza Cenon and Mike Tan.
  • Eat Bulaga has been awarded as the first Filipino TV show being aired in another country. It has been 36 years since the first broadcast of the variety show. Pinoy Teleserye Eat Bulaga is being aired under the production of TAPE ( Television and Production Exponents) by GMA Inc. The noontime show is a lunchtime surprise program.
  • Saksi is the late night newscast show aired by GMA Network Inc five days a week on Pinoy Channel. Arnold Clavio and Pia Arcange are among the anchors of the show.